Extend Your Pool Season With Solar Pool Heating

From Live HomeWise serving Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Longwood in Florida

Getting your pool ready for the upcoming swim season can take a lot of work. You can extend your pool season by adding a swimming pool heating system.
Live HomeWise has the experts you need to install your eco-SPARK solar pool heater quickly so you can enjoy the water while knowing you’re keeping your carbon footprint in check.

The eco-SPARK is built from 100 percent UV stabilized polypropylene and requires less roof space for installation. Because the eco-SPARK features multi-wall glazing, the eco-SPARK produces a greenhouse effect that increases its performance during cool or breezy weather.

Not only does Live HomeWise have the experts to extend your swimming season, we can also install a solar attic fan, solar hot water system or solar panels on your Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville or Longwood, FL, home.

For an environmentally friendly way to enjoy your pool longer, call Live HomeWise at 877-331-8449. For years, we’ve been helping Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Longwood, FL, live green.